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Instadrom is the only working solution on the market that can help you gain new followers, send automated Direct Messages to your new followers and schedule posts ahead of time.

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All of this is done safely without risks of getting banned. We never ask your Instagram or TikTok passwords.

How it works

Basically, we have an app for Android, that can automate a whole lot of tasks and save hundreds of hours of your time.

Promotion Direct Posting


Say, you want to promote your account. This is easy with Instadrom as 1 - 2 - 3:


You specify where we should look for the audience that is relevant to you.

Maybe you want to convert followers of your competitors.

Or maybe you know a hashtag specific to your audience.

Or maybe you just have a list of users who you want to attract.


Then you launch our Android app and start automation, the app is going to follow and like people whom we find at these sources.


They'll see that you liked or followed them and will follow you back, or like your photos, these are real people, not some fake followers or bot's likes.

So in the end you'll reach new audiences, receive real authentic likes and followers from the relevant sources. These will be real people who are interested in your social profile.

And it's safe and within the rules of Instagram and TikTok - you never give your password to us, we just help you do all the actions you could've done manually, saving your precious time.

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So, ok, you have new followers, now what? If you have a business, your new followers are the hottest leads you can get, so why not greet them and suggest a discount or a special offer?

With Instadrom we can send personalized welcome direct messages to your each new follower, helping you gain new customers.

But you know what's cool? Instagram has limits on how much Direct Messages you can send to the new people everyday, but you can send as many messages as you want to those with whom you already had a conversation, so by sending welcome messages you are building a huge user base which you can use later to notify about any new events, offers or any other important information.

get free one day trial!


So, ok, you have new followers, now what? If you have a business, your new followers are the hottest leads you can get, so why not greet them and suggest a discount or a special offer?A great social account is an active social account, but planning content each day is a tedious task. With Instadrom you can create and schedule posts ahead of time, selecting what to post and when to post. And when it's time to publish a new post you'll receive a notification – just tap it, and Instadrom is going to automate the whole process: it will download all files, select them, enter the description automatically and publish your post. All of this with just one single tap!

get free one day trial!


Pricing is simple, just pay for what you use

15 days
30 days
60 days
Total PRICE Per account


Does it work only with Android phones? What if I have an iOS device?

Yes, unfortunately our app works only on Android phones and tablets, it's just not possible to create such an app for iOS. But the good news is that you don't need the newest high-end flagship phone to run our app, most of our customers who have iPhones as their primary device also use their old Android phones to run our app. If you don't have an old Android phone you can buy any cheap Android phone and it will work just fine.

For how long do I need to keep the app running on my phone?

It depends on the speed of your automatization, your daily limits, and what features you use. Generally, for most of our customers it takes 2-3 hours to complete a promotion cycle each day. Some of our customers launch our app and just leave their phones working at night.

How many followers can I attract using your app?

Because our app is meant for attracting real people to your social profile it highly depends on the quality of your sources and the quality of your content. Let's say the app is going to perform 200 follows and 300 likes per day, that's a total of 500 actions per day. We've seen that profiles with good quality and carefully chosen sources have conversion ratio of 5-10% thats, 25-50 new followers per day.